JoGoPo Fan Entertaiment works with sporting and entertaiment organizations to provide

  • Increased fan entertainment value
  • Fan knowledge of players, performers and game rules.
  • Revenue generation through increased program sales, yearbooks, sponsorship opportunities, and game materials
  • Improves fan interaction with unique fun games and contests

Bongo is a fun and exciting sales enhancer and revenue generator for sports programs, yearbooks or sellable on its own. This unique and customizable game allows your fans to follow the game in an interactive setting through a bingo-styled contest format. JoGoPo provides a complete package to design, customize, print, track and verify your bongo cards with marketable and sellable options for sponsors and supporters. Fans love Bongo and so will you!

How it works

  1. Use the Bongo Planner Software to create your list of game options and customize your card design. The Planner will take your options you enter and randomly generate as many cards as you require each with a unique pattern and verification code. Bongo can create as many unique card patterns as you need, from 24 to 24 000 000, the possibilities are endless!
  2. Print out your cards and distribute them with your game programs or sell them on your own.
  3. Use the Bongo LiveTrack Software to update the results of the game as it happens. This allows your fans to claim their prizes as soon as they win.
  4. Use the Bongo LiveCheck Software at your fan services or designated information desk to verify the unique barcodes on the cards with the live-updating database.
  5. Reward your fans with prize packages, merchandise, or whatever gift you choose.


  • Sell advertising space on your bongo cards to offset expenses and increase revenue lines.
  • Increase program sales with quantifiable benefits.
  • Interactive game keeps your fans excited from start to finish

For more information on Bongo or to purchase the Bongo Package for your next event please contact us.

JoGoPo Fan Entertainment

03.28.2007 officially launched


JoGoPo provides Bongo card program inserts for the 2007 IIHF World Women's Hockey Championship with over 100,000 in attendance

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JoGoPo Fan Entertainment

Bongo Beta Testing

Bongo is under development and currently in beta testing. If you would like to sign up for our single event beta testing, including free professional designing of your cards, please let us know.